Thank you to our sponsors, supporters, volunteers and donors. We literally would not be able to do this without you.






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Kenneth Rainin Foundation

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation is a private family foundation that funds cutting-edge ideas, because only through innovative thinking can we achieve a world where performing arts organizations can thrive, every child can read, and chronic diseases can be cured. More at krfoundation.org.





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Tatiana Tilly
Alexandra Faser
Tim Mowrer
Suki O’kane
Fran Hegeler
Dana Conderllire
Mya Kramer
Paule Merlin
Judy Ann Moore
Sailor Schifferli
Michael Smith
Roxanne Manners
Mark Mancao
Jenny Sagstrom
Helga Horner
Michael Smith


Fran Hegeler
Jessica Metoyer
Emma Spertus
Marion McCall
Robert Bailey
James Debello
Lillian Le
Max Sarrazin
Gretchen Wustrack
Rosanna Wustrack
Marielle Jakobsens
Sailor Schifferli
Dana Condellire
John Hiser
Marion McCall
Josette Melchor
Jim Flanagan
Jessica Metoyer
Gunilla Bergensten

Andrew Blanton, James Bobwski, Matthew Casey, Edward deLeon, Craig Dorety, Aicha Doucoure, Donald Hanson, Charles Lam, Jay Molica, Shane Myrbeck, Vikram Narayan, Nelson Siu, Alexandra Smith, Collin McKelvy, Edward Schocker, Jenny Sagstrom, Jason O’toole, Janet Dunbar, Alejandro Acosta, Alison Michael, Edward Schocker, Boramy Kloth, Ari Bacrach, Darren Gibbs, Jeremy Can field, Brain Ostrecer, Michael Shipley, Jeremiah Moore, Patricia Witkin, and many anonymous donors.




Michael Smith, Jackie Holland, Robin Dee, Mark Desmond, Dana Condellire, Nick Nelson, Heejin Jang, Lois Valenti, Michael Campo, Jeffrey Schwartz, Mike Bucci, Milos Maiorana, Clare Vela, Jeffery Chun Ho Yip, Jason Ogulnik, Melissa Gonzales, Kapi’olani Lee, Christina Van Wert, Walt Howe, Isabel Zhang, Julie Chen, Shannon Jue, Margit Pshick, Lauren Sapala, John Price, Robert, Youjin, Marion McCall, Richard Ceely,  Carolyn Kim, Julie Liberatore, Craig Liberatore, Thomas Pontailler, John Moore, Kelly Cheung, Raub Roy, Dianne Eveland

(Much love and appreciation to THE LAB, San Francisco’s leading non-profit experimental art institution, for our longstanding fiscal sponsorship partnership from 2007 to 2010 and Thingamajigs, a sonic arts and education organization, for our 2011 interim fiscal sponsorship. We are forever indebted to your support.)