July 19, 2011: Party on a Bus, SF Station

19.07.2011 in Press

“Not your typical method of partying, the open-top double-decker AudioBus has been traveling the streets of San Francisco for nearly three years now while musicians onboard provide a soundtrack appropriate for the scenery passing by.”     Read

June 10, 2010 : Soundwave Festival by Tessa Stuart, KQED

30.10.2010 in Press

“Strange noises echoed out of an abandoned WWII fortification hollowed into the hillside above Rodeo Beach. Gregg Kowalsky orchestrated elegant, almost hypnotic, loops that reverberated viscerally around the audience; Jacob Felix Heule and Kanoko Nishi stormed the tunnel with an incredibly cinematic improvisational duet; Fog…

June 8, 2010 : Sounding Good by Michael Leaverton, SFWeekly

30.10.2010 in Press

“Unweathered Embers takes place in St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, a 1895 Romanesque Revival building designed by architect Henry Geilfuss. The red-brick masterpiece structure has two towers, pointed arches, pier buttresses, a rose window, and a large, fine organ. Why are we telling you so much…

June 1, 2010 : Spill It Over by Marke B, SF Bay Guardian

30.10.2010 in Press

“…we may be entering a genre-free experiential zone. So why not step it up by immersing yourself in the two-month wonder of our very own experiential music festival, Soundwave? Trust, it’ll be amazeballs. There will be illuminated forests. There will be “extreme natural resonance” drones…

Soundwave Festival’s Illuminated Forest Sees Final Performances, SFWeekly

06.08.2010 in Press

“Video art. Interactive sound. Live performances. All in a high-tech “Illuminated Forest” that only truly comes alive when humans enter. (Yes, it knows when humans enter.) This is the Soundwave Festival’s Illuminated Forest exhibit — a so-called “multimedia exhibit and reactive performance space” at the…

SF Artists Explore What ‘Green’ Sounds Like by Jennifer Hattam, Treehugger

30.07.2010 in Press

“What does “green” sound like? Artists and musicians in San Francisco are attempting to answer that tricky question with a series of avant-sound performances and shows, including a month-long installation that allows visitors to explore an illuminated “forest” that changes with their presence, reflecting the…

Cold Core by Michael Leaverton, SFWeekly

30.07.2010 in Press

“Good sound artists don’t do things halfway. Cheryl Leonard was interested in the Antarctic, so she went to the Antarctic. She collected field recordings — of penguins, seals, birds, ice, storms. She made instruments — of penguin bones, limpet shells, ice, rocks.”    Read

Editor’s Pick of the Week, Flavorpill

23.07.2010 in Press

“The duo spins out spooky electronic drone music on treated electric guitars. The Gothic jams are also inspired by Bay Area natural wonders like Muir Woods and the Presidio. Tonight at the Lab, Barn Owl uses their dark, atmospheric music to haunt the Illuminated Forest,…