Aural Spacial Infinite Exhibition

Opening July 1 6:00PM - 10:00PM Exhibit Open Hours Below
Location: Fort Mason Center Chapel and Firehouse 1100 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

Aural Spacial Infinite Exhibition features installation and interactive work by artists that activate sonic relationships to architecture using different spatial sound-sculpting techniques taking place as a site-wide activation at the Firehouse, Chapel, Gallery 308, and National Park at Fort Mason Center. Through hanging sculptures, resonating self-built instruments, and unexpected audio placement, Mary Franck, Matt Ganucheau, and Sung Kim create site-specific works where participants will be visually and sonically guided through the Chapel. In the Firehouse, Taurin Barrera and Bill Baird will present a large scale quadraphonic audiovisual installation, and Future Cities Lab will present an interactive, sound-responsive installation representing swarms. Finally, linking the upper and lower campuses of Fort Mason, Hugh Livingston presents an outdoor guided Soundwalk offering sonic perimeters that reflect on past buildings and predict future environments.

Opening Exhibition and Biennial Launch Celebration!

Presented by MEDIATE and 48 Hills

Join us for our opening night bash! Celebrate the start of this years Soundwave ((7)) Biennial and the opening night of the Aural Spacial Infinite Exhibition at the Chapel and experience one night only performances and refreshments.


July 1st – 6:00pm-10:00pm at Fort Mason Chapel

First Performance: 7:00pm – Sung Kim

Second Performance: 8:00pm – Sung Kim, Shanna Sordhal and Dan Gottwald



July 2nd – 3rd: 12pm – 5pm; July 8th-10th: 12pm – 5pm



July 2nd – 3rd: 12pm – 5pm; July 6th-8th: 12pm-5pm




Note: Parking at FMC is difficult at times, so we recommend taking alternative kinds of transportation to our exhibition.

Chant Matt Ganucheau

Chant is an interactive multichannel audio composition that explores the pursuit of stillness through harmony. The composition is an aural weaving of field recordings, entwining melodic chants from varied traditions.  Through the exploration of the composition as an instrument and an environment, the audience is placed in a discoverable and explorative experience. Chant becomes a cathartic physical and aural experience, experientially illustrating a center point in both sound and the vessel of the chapel.


Location: CHAPEL

Matt Ganucheau is a San Francisco based artist, composer, designer, and educator. With a passion for exploring the boundaries of interactive digital culture, he creates physical and sonic environments that engage his viewers by evoking a deeply reflective internal space. He has exhibited work internationally and has been featured in publications such as WIRED, CNET, Adbusters, and The Huffington Post.


Project Description Artist Bio
It’s not a bubble Bill Baird & Taurin Barrera

It’s not a bubble is a quadraphonic audio visual installation revolving around a mylar sphere that inflates and deflates, controlled by oscillations of hacked CPU cooling fans. Visitors will experience the rustling sounds of expanding and contracting mylar in a rich audio landscape, processed in realtime by live financial data (NASDAQ index). The materials reference the Firehouse as well as the collective paranoia in waiting for the “big one” – either a large earthquake or the bursting of the current economic bubble.



Taurin Barrera is a musician and multimedia artist whose work explores the interactive connections between technology and perception. He holds an MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College and is currently the Director of Technology and Applied Composition Studios at San Francisco Conservatory of Music.


Bill Baird is a musician and creative technologist living in Oakland, CA. His work has recently been featured on the BBC, the Creator’s Project, and The Guardian.  He has performed festivals and basketball arenas, burned pianos, been kicked out of venues and fired from jobs. He is enjoying the ride.


Project Description Artist Bio
Place/Unplace: an imaginary architecture Hugh Livingston

Hugh Livingston presents Place/Unplace: an imaginary architecture, a virtual experience for visitors linking the upper and lower Fort Mason sites using mobile app technology. Wearing headphones, audiences navigate the National Park; the app can serve as a guide to sonic experiences or allow visitors to discover hidden sonic surprises. The experience is directed towards a conception of imaginary architecture, suggesting different spaces, histories, and eras in time.

Download Place/Unplace at: http://www.sonogarden.com/soundwave.html and bring your own headphones; limited headphones available for Rental with ID at the Chapel on July 1st


Location: OUTDOORS

Hugh Livingston creates multimedia installations related to natural and built spaces and performs exploratory cello music. Hugh graduated cum laude in music from Yale, recipient of the Bach Society Prize for excellence in musicianship. Hugh composes situational music: responses to spaces, landscapes, history and people. Hugh Livingston is an innovator in the presentation of public sound environments, with works shown internationally.


Project Description Artist Bio
Cluster Mary Franck

Mary Franck (in collaboration with Alex Schofield, Nicole Aptekar, Enrique Agudo) presents Cluster, a large-scale luminous sculptural work that demonstrates how digital media is a new genre of ornament within architecture. Ephemeral and algorithmically controlled, it is uniquely fitting for contemporary culture. Freed from the screen it can exist as an object, a surface, or simply a spatial experience. This piece shape-shifts between these through an interplay between delicate, detailed imagery moving across its surface and nebulous, diffused light inside its volume.


Location: CHAPEL

Mary Franck is a media artist working in installation and performance. She holds a B.A. in Conceptual and Information Art from SFSU. Her work has been presented at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts,, the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Artist Television Access, CounterPULSE, Z­Space, and Joyce SoHo. She has lectured and lead workshops at Carnegie Mellon University, Arizona State University, and the Da Vinci Creative festival in Seoul.


Project Description Artist Bio
Satellite Sympathetic Resonators Sung Kim

Sung Kim presents Satellite Sympathetic Resonators – a collection of resonating instruments the artist built himself, each featuring 20 to 30 sympathetic strings that react electro-acoustically to a source instrument as well as the 5 sister resonators. They will be placed systematically in the Chapel to echo the building’s form.


Location: CHAPEL



Sung Kim is an improviser, sculptor, and instrument builder born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Washington, DC. Kim received his BFA in sculpture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999. Kim facilitates his musical and sculptural endeavors by owning and operating an architectural woodworking design/build studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Project Description Artist Bio
Chronoscope 1 Future Cities Lab

Chronoscope 1 is an immersive theater for seeing, hearing and interacting with a dynamical system accelerating towards a state of disorder. The cloud-like installation is composed of clusters of suspended illuminated planes that serve as portals into a digital world of flowing points, lines and variable forces. As visitors inhabit the space of the gallery, their interactions influence the magnitude and direction of these forces. This ultimately reverses “the arrow of time” – better known as entropy, or the Second law of Thermodynamics. These motions leave dynamic contrails, each with their own unique velocity, trajectory and duration.



Future Cities Lab is an experimental art and design studio, workshop and urban think tank operating globally out of San Francisco, CA.  http://www.future-cities-lab.net
Founding principals Jason Kelly Johnson and Nataly Gattegno have collaborated on a range of award-winning projects exploring the intersections of art and design with advanced fabrication technologies, robotics, responsive building systems and public space. Future Cities Lab is an interdisciplinary studio employing an adventurous team of interaction designers, architects, technologists, digital craftspeople, urban ecologists and more.
Project Description Artist Bio

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