Invisible Fortress

August 5 7:00 - 10:00 PM
Location: Grace Cathedral 1100 California St, San Francisco, CA
$20 General; $15 Discounted Buy Tickets

Presented in collaboration with The Ghiberti Foundation at Grace Cathedral.

In our second night at the breathtaking Grace Cathedral, artists and ensembles explore the interconnections between our built structures, the communities that inhabit them and the dualities that lie within. The night begins with Meerenai Shim Quartet translating architectural blueprints through sound, followed by Kinetech Arts activating the Cathedral by moving through it with dance and instrumentation. Jeff Ray of Taser Island with Alison Niedbalski and Qualia Choir perform a new work along with sounds recorded inside of Cathedrals and open spaces.  Finally, Gabriel Dunne and Stephanie Sherriff showcase a site-specific audio/visual performance creating sonic architectures in response to the physical behavior of sound and light within Grace Cathedral.



7:00pm – Doors Open
7:30pm – Program Starts: Meerenai Shim Quartet
7:55pm – Kinetech Arts
8:30pm – Taser Island + Qualia Choir
9:10pm – Aestral Orient (Stephanie Sherriff and Gabriel Dunne)


Parking Available at: Grace Cathedral Garage, 1051 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Rideshare apps are also recommended to get to the venue

If taking Bart, get off at Embarcadero Station and catch the #1 Muni Bus at Sacramento + Davis Street


Falling Off Kinetech Arts

Kinetech Arts presents Falling Off, a sonic dance performance. In the beginning of a long journey is the phase of purification, a letting go of the details of your life by shedding thoughts and distractions. Intense physical practice is often employed as a vehicle to quiet the active mind. By entering the labyrinth, we reflect on the tension between the desire of letting go and the instinct of holding on.

Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva

Music : Erick R. Scheid

Dancers: Shareen DeRyan, Maria Sotnikova, Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Amelia Eisen, Neta Singer, and Raquel Boluda Santiago.


Kinetech Arts is a collective of artists and scientists who create performances that combine dance, performance, painting and sound with the newest interactive technology to create unique and beautiful experiences. It has performed at ODC theatre, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, KUNST-STOFF arts, L.A.S.T festival, Moscone Center, & Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. It was recognized by the SF Weekly as “Best Genre-Defying Sci-Artistic Collaboration of 2014.”


Kinetech_Photos AfshinOdabaee_DancerQinminLiu2

Project Description Artist Bio
Blueprint Meerenai Shim Quartet

Blueprint is a new work written for soprano saxophone, flute, contrabass flute, and Contraforte. Its graphic score sometimes resembles an architectural blueprint that the performers follow to erect a sonic structure. The instrumentation of Blueprint is inspired by the pipe organ in Grace Cathedral.

South Bay flutist Meerenai Shim is one half of the innovative flute and percussion duo, A/B Duo. Her third solo album, the all-electroacoustic Pheromone, is available on the Aerocade Music label. She also serves as a curator at the Center for New Music in San Francisco.


Project Description Artist Bio
Aestral Orient Gabriel Dunne & Stephanie Sherriff

AESTRAL ORIENT is a site-specific audio/visual performance that utilizes analog and digital processes to manipulate and create sonic architectures in response to the physical behavior of sound and light within Grace Cathedral. During the performance ritualistic behaviors, software, sensors and field recordings are combined to compose visual and sonic harmonies from opposition and duality. The result is a combination of exterior and interior, natural and synthetic, analog and digital, in the form of sonic and inter-dimensional architecture and landscapes.

Gabriel Dunne (b.1981 San Francisco) is an audiovisual artist who works explore visual, audible, and physical frequencies, drawing influence from natural systems, sensory patterns, structures and rhythms of the perceivable and unperceivable universe. He integrates a wide range of mediums including installation design, music, sound, visualization/sonification, digital manufacturing and fabrication, software, and physical installation. He has performed and shown his work internationally, include NY MoMA, India Art Faire, Barcelona Festival Sonar, Interferenze Italia. 


Stephanie Sherriff is an interdisciplinary sculptor, performer, and media artist currently residing in the Bay Area. She received her BA in Studio Art from San Francisco State University and has been the recipient of numerous awards. Her work is experiential and is an ultimately an examination of how the human senses inform objects and physical space. In her process she observes, collects, deconstructs, and re-composes plants, light, lenses, scents, sound, software, and video in order to create new territories and poetic phenomena.


Project Description Artist Bio
Cathedral Project Taser Island and Ensemble

Jeff Ray and his audiovisual performance project, Taser Island, will be teaming up with keyboardist/vocal arranger Alison Niedbalski and her ensemble Qualia Choir. Together they will be playing new compositions  for the Grace Cathedral performance. The compositions as well as the visuals (video projections), feature inspirations, explorations, and samplings of cavernous spaces in the Bay area, such as the Headlands tunnels, cliff-side bunkers, and cathedrals such as St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco.


Jeff Ray is a musician, visual artist, digital media lecturer, and composer. He started working on the Cathedral Project in March 2015 and debuted both the visual and the performance aspect in April 2016 in a extensive solo show at SDSU downtown gallery in San Diego, http://art.sdsu.edu/cathedrals-jeff-ray. His perpetually unfinished website iswww.jeffrayarts.com.

Project Description Artist Bio

The Architecture

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal church and the 3rd largest Episcopal cathedral in the United States.  It is a spiritual crossroads in one of the world’s most dynamic and beautiful cities. It is a renowned landmark, visitor destination and a regional magnet where diverse people come to celebrate, find solace, peace and quiet, connect with others, serve and be served and learn. It is also home to a loving congregation of about one thousand households. Just like our visitors, our congregation includes families and singles, children and seniors, and a diversity of ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, interests and backgrounds as wide as the world itself.

Website: http://www.gracecathedral.org/

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