About Soundwave ((7)) Architecture


Soundwave ((7)) Architecture explores sonic connections to our built environment which shape our lives as humans. This season commissions 30 new performances and works from over 50 dynamic artists to examine the rapidly transforming landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area and the world-at-large while considering the physical and phenomenological aspects of constructing, designing and inhabiting our built environments through sound. Daring artists will present projects that explore spatial acoustics, biological architecture, personal and communal site histories, urban somatic/acoustic fields, psychosomatic effects from architectural designs, ambisonics, architectural drawings as musical scores, and more. These works hope to inspire audiences to to listen beyond the surface, connect with each other and find innovative ways to see, hear, and interact with the environment around us.

Soundwave is San Francisco’s acclaimed biennial of innovative sound, art and music, now in it’s 7th Season. Every two years, MEDIATE Art Group launches a citywide summer-long, multi-venue experiential event series in San Francisco. Each season investigates a new idea through sound and invites diverse multidisciplinary artists and musicians to explore the season’s theme in new and innovative directions.



About Mediate Art Group
Soundwave is produced by MEDIATE Art Group, a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) non-profit art organization creating meaningful, cutting edge art and music experiences through the activation of people, places and environments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working at the center of art and innovation, MEDIATE’s mission is to develop exhibitions and live events that challenge perspectives and inspire artists and audiences to look deep into ideas and works critically, imaginatively and without limitation. Artist participation and collaborations have reached across the United States and Canada as well as Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Singapore, France, Austria, Australia and Japan. Founded in 1998, MEDIATE has been showcasing provocative works to Bay Area audiences for over 10 years including six seasons of the acclaimed summer-long avant-arts biennial, Soundwave. For more information about us, please visit our website www.me-di-ate.net.


Production Team

Artistic Director: Tiare Ribeaux

Managing Director: Autumn Hays

Production Manager: Alda Tchochiev

Programming Committee: Elia Vargas, Barry Threw, Jeff Ray, Shane Myrbeck, Sarah Holcomb, Tiare Ribeaux

Festival Founder and Advisor: Alan So

Communications Intern: Natasha Osmidoff

Development Intern: Evan Kolm

Production Intern: Shauna Murnane

Graphic Design: Skona

Website Design: Future Focus Studio

Merchandise Design: Max Sarrazin

Board of Directors: Katie Fahey, Suki O’Kane, John Moore, Barry Threw, Louis Armstrong, Elia Vargas, Shane Myrbeck, Alan So

Special Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers!



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